We are honored to have the following Kingdom media partners supporting Fueled By Hope.

    CBN Asia

    CBN Asia is committed to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Philippines, Asia, and the world through our multi-faceted ministries in multimedia, prayer and counseling, humanitarian aid, and cross-cultural missions.


    By 2020, CBN Asia will be the premier Filipino multifaceted media, counseling, humanitarian and missionary training organization that is transforming the Philippines, Asia and the world through the Good News of Jesus Christ.


    PIJAR TV is a Christian satellite TV in Indonesia, airing through FTA and PAY TV satellite all throughout Indonesia for 24 hours. You can find out more about our profile in our website : www.pijar.tv and social media IG and FB: PIJARTV. We also have live streaming in HD: https://www.twitch.tv/pijartv


    Our vision is to equip the body of Christ to reach maturity in Christ. Our form of ministry is by giving free air time for any churches, ministries, foundations, anybody who would give us contents in our language to be aired and work alongside with us in blessing for our nation.

    Salt Media & Entertainment

    Salt Media & Entertainment focuses on inspirational media content with universal themes that resonate with audiences worldwide, such as honour, courage, hope, humanity and family. As a young company with big dreams, Salt Media punches above its weight by co- producing international projects with global partners for worldwide distribution, and by merging the best of capital and creative expertise from East and West. With a robust pipeline of several Hollywood projects under its belt, a strict philosophy of financial prudence, and a solid track record of profitable projects, Salt Media is on its way to becoming a nimble player in the global media space.

    Seed Bangaldesh

    Seed Ministries is a registered charity established in 2012. We aim to share the love of Jesus with the people of Bangladesh, both here in Bangladesh and in communities overseas.


    SEED stands for Saving, Equipping, Empowering and Discipling. We have a passion to multiply the work of Jesus and make disciples for him. SEED Ministries' work is split into two main areas: The ministries that we run and support: Smart Kids Center, Excite Youth Center, eM project, Student Sponsorship Programme, Jarung Girls Hostel, Equip and Shukhi Poribar. These are projects that aim to share the love of Jesus in a practical way, and are an opportunity for us to live out our faith with actions. Click on the above links to find out more.


    SMIX is a value-based, one-stop platform offering Pure Entertainment — high quality, wholesome enjoyment with a focus on values such as love, hope, family, courage and honour. SMIX offers a selection of blockbusters, independent films, TV shows, documentaries, children’s programmes and NGO features on pertinent issues in our society — all curated for their artful storytelling, high quality production, and inspirational values. Our vision is to become a transformational movement, and a platform that nurtures regional talent and produces value-based original content.


    SMIX is an extension of Salt Media & Entertainment, a company merging the best of capital and creative expertise from East and West to produce inspirational media.


    ‘The River.Asia’ founded by Erik and Mariaana Klar in 1993, is a passionate team, empowering local people and communities to be all they can be. TheRiver.Asia is a committed team of people empowering others to bring positive change to their families, community & city.

    United Neon Media Group



    The WEA is the broadest organizational and global manifestation of what it means to be an evangelical. Since its establishment in 1846, the WEA has served as a global platform for Christian fellowship and unity. Today, the WEA is a network of churches in 129 nations that have joined to give a worldwide identity, voice and platform to more than 600 million evangelical Christians.